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Current Entries:

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NameStart TimeCourseAge ClassDibber No.Club
Scott, Steve 13:30Orange CoachingM552097479FVO
Kelly, Scarlett 13:30Orange CoachingW148009673FVO
Kelly, Esme 13:30Orange CoachingW128009672FVO
Polwart, Grace 13:30Orange CoachingW141011235FVO
Polwart, Laura 13:30Orange CoachingW451030676FVO
Fallon, Lu 13:30Orange CoachingW458668917FVO
Burnes, Sue 13:30Green CoachingW652079951FVO
Mallinson, Ben 13:30Orange CoachingM162443509FVO
Clarke, Caroline 13:30Orange CoachingW458004702FVO
Brindley, Hanna 13:30Orange CoachingW128230972FVO
Curle, Tracy 13:30Orange CoachingW452000129FVO
Watts, Kieran 13:30Green CoachingM21HIREFVO
Stanwix, Rhys 13:30Green CoachingM558050080FVO
Hammond, James 13:30Green CoachingM168033988FVO
Connor, Jamie 13:30Green CoachingM148657545FVO
Connor, Eilidh 13:30Orange CoachingW128669949FVO
Cross, Jon 13:30Green CoachingM508630841FVO