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Current Entries:

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NameStart TimeCourseAge ClassDibber No.Club
Andrew Llewellyn 10:30Green +SHAN/AFVO
chris atkins (shadowed (ish) by Andy Llewellyn) 10:30Green +M40HIREOther
Andrew Twigg 10:30Green +M168121929FVO
Scarlett Kelly 10:30Light GreenW148009673FVO
Esme Kelly 10:30OrangeW128009672FVO
Laura Polwart 10:30Light GreenW451030676FVO
Grace Polwart 10:30OrangeW141011235FVO
Neil Polwart 10:30Green +M402136407FVO
Alice McDaid 10:30Green +W358518870FVO
Geoffrey Hensman 10:30Green +M708190848FVO
Lindsey Hensman 10:30Green +W708021148FVO
Lucy Hensman 10:30Green +W161261005FVO
Katie Hensman 10:30Light GreenW149102065FVO
Megan Brown 10:30Light GreenW149080117ESOC
Bill Melville 10:30Light GreenM758655910TAY
Katharine Melville 10:30OrangeW75235507TAY
Heidi Eik Maxwell 10:30Green +W188030923FVO
Marianne Eik 10:30Green +W458030924FVO
Rosie McNamara 10:30Light GreenW147050908AYROC
Andy McNamara 10:30Green +M457029473AYROC
Finn Selmer Duguid 10:30Light GreenM148145307TAY
Jamie Connor 10:30Green +M128657545FVO
Eilidh Connor 10:30OrangeW128669949FVO
Marie Claire Shankland 10:30Green +W508630883FVO
Jon Cross 10:30Green +M508630841FVO
Jasmine Greaves 10:30OrangeW14HIRETAY
Dave Coustick 10:30Green +M75N/ANone