Your Personal Data

Forth Valley Orienteers (“the Club”) is the controller of personal data which is collected on this website. The club’s privacy notice can be viewed here or downloaded here:

This website for event registration has been created in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and the data we collect about you may be used to manage our risk mitigation in line with advice from our sport’s governing bodies, and government departments.

The information we collect or hold about you on this website may include (depending on the requirements of the event organiser):

Your personal data is required in order to manage the event. Your contact details may be shared with our governing bodies, our insurers or health officials where we either have a legal obligation to share this information or where in our opinion it is in the legitimate interests of the Club or other participants to share your information. If we do have to share your information, we will remind the recipient that it is Personal Data and that they have legal obligations to safeguard it.

The information will only be available to: (1) The event organiser (listed in the event details section); (2) Club officials or volunteers trusted with organising the event, managing the website or following up on any incident. The data is secured with username and password and other than the details which would appear on any result sheet is not publicly accessible.

The membership secretary may use the data you have provided to verify the accuracy of membership records, but will contact you if they believe the records need amended. You should not rely on this method to update the Club, or governing bodies with changes to your details.

Personal data entered on these pages will NOT be used to market or promote our services to you. If you have provided details elsewhere, they may be used to update you about club events. We will not sell this information.

The data on these servers is held within the European Union. The servers are hosted by – we do not share any of your personal information with PythonAnywhere.


This site uses “sessions” to securely store information about your visit to the website, and manage progression between pages. The information stored in the sessions is encrypted and accessible only to this app. We do not track where you came to this page, where you go, or use any cookies that are part of advertising or analytics services.